Abu Al Ragheb

The Beginning

My journey with music started on the hands of my father, the author and play writer Akram Abu Al Ragheb, who has incomparable passion for music. He had always yearned to have a musician child, but I never knew that I am distend to be that child who will grow up to be a musician. He was a source of motivation for me and always supported me until he brought my talent to light. I grew up for a family that tastes traditional Arabic music from prominent musicians such as Fareed AL Atrash, who is a legend in Arabic music. I also learned about sounds from listening to Quran read by reciter Abdul Basit Those two persons have a strong influence on my musical identity and they shaped the way I perceive music and appreciate sounds. They were a school of tones for me that I learned a lot from.

My first musical instrument was a Keyboard which I received from my father at the age of 10. It was a wonderful gift for me and straight away without any professional help or even lessons, I started playing tunes on the Keyboard with everything I hear or improvise was a fantastic material for me to test and try. I used to play on my Keyboard a mixture of Western and Arabic music or as it is known in musical terms, Franco-Arab Music.

I always hoped to hear the Franco-Arab music played in a professional manner, I mean by professional musicians or singers. It was not very long before my wishes came true when singer Mohamad Muneer released his song "AL Laylah Ya Samrah". The song was beautiful, rhythm was fantastic and the structure was dense; I was totally stunned by it and happy to listen to it over and over again. Many singers followed suite and produced wonderful songs such as "Zaina" for example by a Lebanese singer. However, the Lebanese prominent singer Azar Habib Who is considered to be the master of the Franco-Arab music embedded his identity in this type of music and released many famous songs that feel fresh up to now. Then, the moment of revelation came and I realized deep inside that this is the kind of music I love, the combination of Arabic and Western music together. This doesn't mean that I don't like Arabic music in its purest form, but I also felt that Franco-Arab music is sublime.