Abu Al Ragheb

In the studio for the first time

One day Naser Al Mizdawi asked me to accompany him to the studio to record a song he composed for a Jordanian singer. I welcomed the idea as it is a privilege for me to work with him let alone it will be the first time for me to be in a studio. On the way to the studio Al Mizdawi told me that we are going to Mirage band studios, which was a surprise for me as I am one of their biggest fans.

In the studio I met with Wael Abu Nowar, the owner of the studio and the founder of Mirage band. An overwhelming happiness engulfed me as I stood before this star who has always inspired me with his magnificent music.

Walking into the studio was, for me, completely similar to walking into a plane cockpit where control boards are full of buttons, and equipment are everywhere. However, I started discovering everything around me and trying to work on the equipment to figure out their functions. Finally, it was just about 45 minutes before I had the song ready for Al Mizdawi; a work which usually takes 4 -5 hours to get ready! Abu Nowar was totally astonished and asked me: who you are? What do you do? And where did you learn this? Deep inside I felt those questions as a credit for me and meant a lot to me as they come from this star. Then he asked me if I would like to join the band, this was a dream for me, something I could not believe when I heard. Therefore, I gave him my home phone number and he promised to ring me.