Abu Al Ragheb

Musician and sound designer

In the face of objections I faced from my family and friends I gave up my work as a sound technician and dedicated my time for music only. A new phase in my life as a musician began by participating in different musical festivals and producing a number of songs and ballades from my own work which won many awards locally and regionally. .

My interest in Western films brought to my attention the concept of sound design. I noticed that the films have other sounds apart from the musical ones. Later, I learned that these sounds get added to the films to bring life to the scene or the actor's movement. I searched intensively about sound design and traveled to the UK to meet with an English friend of mine who is an expert in sound design. I learned from him about this art and brought this knowledge back with me to Jordan to put it into practice in the first film I worked on, "Thi Qar" then in many other works I worked on. From there my name started to be known as Talal the musician and sound designer, a thing that I have done a lot to achieve. However, I still feel that this is just the flavor of having my life entangled with music in an epical relationship.

My story is a real example that the life of an artist is not always an easy one as one may think. You have to work hard and be patient and talented till you reach your destination, or at least to be able to continue in your way. At the end all what an artist achieves belongs to humanity and civilization, it our heritage; and this is why music is a universal language.

I am still sailing in a wonderful journey with the company of music. I exerted immense effort to reach to this stage, but without pain you hardly can achieve any gain or create, or innovate anything of significance. It is a believe I hold from my experience and as far as I am concerned it is a true believe.