Abu Al Ragheb

Emerging from Solo

Years passed and music became everything for me; I was breathing music and thinking music, therefore my father decided to enroll me in private tuitions with the well-known musician Foaud Malas. Those lessons were concentrating on reading and writing musical notes which I didn't think is the right thing for me at that stage as they were theoretical. I was very hungry to play music and I didn't want anything to take me away from the practical side of music. Therefore, I decided after a short while to pull out and to revert to my way of listening to and playing music. It wasn't very long before my father noticed my vocal talent, and as always expected of him, he encouraged me to continue in the path of Art.

I continued my journey in music, and my talent started to flourish and grow, and therefore I decided to expand my knowledge on musical instruments and to explore different areas so I learned to play guitar and piano.

With years I became more mature about my ambitions, music was overwhelming me and my dream of having my own band was growing bigger inside me. At the age of 16 I wanted to create my own band and to drop solo playing. Having thought that, I didn't waste a minute in looking for people who are willing to join me, though I didn't know how a band functions or how a group of people can play the same tune while using different instruments. However, the motivation inside me was bigger than anything else, I searched about musical instruments and learned the sounds each one produces hence I was able to play on every single instrument in the band.

The band was taking shape and as the band's leader, I gave it the name Jaspers. It lasted for 3 years during which we performed at schools' ceremonies, hotels' parties, and we grew famous by time and got known among events organizers as I introduced the Arabic Remix to be the first band in Jordan that plays this type of music. My father, however, didn't like the idea of going public in that way, but in the face of my persistence that this kind of shows are attended by people who appreciate music and art, I managed to persuade him to my side and he accepted the idea.