Abu Al Ragheb

A partner in the studio

I had been working with the band for about 5 months when I offered Abu Nowar to work with him in the studio as a full-timer. He liked the idea as he was very busy with private work and could not spare enough time to run the studio. The only obstacle faced me at that time was my lack of knowledge about operating all the equipment in the studio. We agreed that he will offer me one-day training on all the equipment. Afterward, I basically locked myself in the studio for a week and worked on all the equipment till I learned about them.

One month later I bought a computer and used in the studio to upgrade the equipment; hence I was the first sound technician in Jordan to use the computer in the studio. People started to approach me for work and my name became known among people working in the field. This prompted Abu Nowar to offer me to be his partner in the studio with my experience only and without having to pay for the share.