Abu Al Ragheb

At School

As the first encouragement came from my father, the second encouragement came from my school, De La Sal College. It was all a mere coincidence that brought my talent into light at school. Let me first share with you this anecdote that proves if we believe in something and love it from our hearts, destiny will always be to our side till we achieve it.

The school was preparing for a ceremony to be held in the theatre, this coincided with my presence there as I was a member of the school's French Chorus. As sound technicians were trying to prepare the sound set-up, one of them asked me to play sounds on the Keyboard so that they can check the quality of voice. I started playing on the Keyboard one of the tunes, at that time our Italian teacher of music was there and he heard me playing the Keyboard. The teacher approached me and offered me to join the school's lessons in music which I could not afford to attend because of its fees. However, the teacher was stunned by my music so he offered to include me free of charge in the lessons.

Since then, the music room became my favorite place where I spend most of my time contrary to other students who prefer to spend their free time in the school's yard playing different games. This opportunity contributed to my personality and helped me to build my confidence to start playing music in front of others.