Recent Award.

The Queen Rania Award for Creative Jordanians who Received International Awards in 2001

My journey with music started on the hands of my father, the author and play writer Akram Abu Al Ragheb, who has incomparable passion for music. He had always yearned to have a musician child, but I never knew that I am distend to be that child who will grow up to be a musician. He was a source of motivation for me and always supported me until he brought my talent to light. I grew up for a family that tastes traditional Arabic music from prominent musicians such as Fareed AL Atrash, who is a legend in Arabic music. I also learned about sounds from listening to Quran read by reciter Abdul Basit Those two persons have a strong influence on my musical identity and they shaped the way I perceive music and appreciate sounds. They were a school of tones for me that I learned a lot from.

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